Why Premium?

Premium Language Centre (PLC)  is a language institution that provides language education for the enhancement of language and communication mastery.

PLC was established in the year 2012 and founded to pioneer quality education by implementing professional practices at global standards. At PLC, we recognize the importance of language and communication skills, both in everyday life and professional working environments. Our core competence focuses on the driving factor that effective communication is essential to boost the effective progress and development in an individual’s life.

PLC is effectively positing itself as a premium language education provider that empowers individuals with language and communication skills of global standards. We believe in our English speaking teachers and courses that offer you premium quality learning experience with effective communication skills and surrounded by English learning environment.

We carefully select and recruit teachers who are dedicated and possess passion in teaching language education to students. Our main objective is to develop the PLC brand in a manner that portrays recognition and adherence to premium quality. It is our aspiration that the PLC brand will become a desirable commodity to be adopted by other education enthusiasts.

Amenties and Facilities

The centre is fully equipped with a professional framework and IT infrastructure to give students access to the latest technologies.

The classrooms are organised in a structured and spacious manner to promote a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

Classes are between 19 and 25 students, with the average class size being 22.

Additionally, students are provided with free usage of the computer lab, library, and constant wi-fi Internet access throughout the centre.

Personalized Learning

Each course is carefully and precisely customized to meet specific learning requirements of students. Our teachers are talented people who help students by emphasizing on their individual’s needs, strengths and know their learning styles. In each different course we believe to boost the student’s individual developmental needs and skills by approaching different teaching techniques.

Know your level

On the student’s first day at PLC the student will be given a placement test and has a face to face interview session. These are precisely designed to give the teachers and students a way of determining the level of the student’s knowledge and proficiency of English.

Certificate to recognize your achievement-guaranteed success

All our courses are guaranteed and certified. The students have followed the basic requirements that required for the application. Upon completion, the student will be given Premium Language Centre Graduation Certificate.

Small classroom with conducive learning environment

We emphasize on small classes so that the each student can gets attention from the teacher, and they are encouraged to fully participate and express their views. We believe in encouraging this method as teachers can carefully observe and assess their students. This will help the teachers to support and boost their student’s confidence in learning language.

Customized courses based on your level

Our English language courses are highly customized to cater the students seeking to perfect their language skills for their career or higher education. These courses are tailored for you, your group and your organization with regard to the course content, level and duration of the course

Certification & Recognition

4-STAR Language Centre