Communication is the process by which we interact with each other. lt is the flow (transmission and reception) of information, ideas, feelings, attitudes, perception and understanding both verbally and non-verbally, between two or more parties.

Communication is much more than the use of words either spoken or written. It embodies attitude, behaviour, body language, style and method of presentation, quality of listening and perceptions and interpretations.

The main focus of this course is to consolidate and develop communication skills in English through practical activities such as role-playing group work and discussions. The Communication Course will encourage and motivate students to communicate orally in English with confidence, using active class participation.

The Business English course is designed to improve your English communications skills to further advance your career in international business. Students will be taught business concepts, business English, and enhanced crosscultural communication skills for business and professional settings. In business, communication counts. Clear and well-structured letters, e-mails, reports and other documents can achieve better results, with greater understanding, speed and accuracy.

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