WELCOME!!  We would love to welcome you to our PREMIUM Language Centre. It is a newly developed center, with great facilities and warm with environment. PLC seeks to prepare the students who are studying ESL for academic purposes with the academic skills and strategies which will help them to be successful in  their undergraduate or graduate studies.

We provide students with the culture knowledge and awareness which they will need to function satisfactorily, both academically and socially in Malaysia. We also inform students enrolled in ESL programs about options and opportunities for academic study at Malaysian universities and encourage them to consider applying for admission to further their studies.

You will have fun and enjoyable experienced with us, with an affordable fee for all levels and interactive ways of teaching. You will always be in the guidance of our caring and joyful lecturers and staffs.

This Student Handbook has been  prepared to provide you with some useful information. Please take time to look through this handbook. It will surely help you to benefit from your language programme as well as enjoying your stay here in Malaysia.

If you ever need any help, please arrange an appointment with your International Students Affair Officer.

We really hope that you will have an enjoyable stay in Malaysia and a rewarding learning experience at PREMIUM Language Centre.


The mission of Premium Language Centre (PLC) , which was established in 2012, is to provide high quality instruction in English as a second language (ESL) and orientation in Malaysia culture to international students who are non-native speakers of English.

PREMIUM Language Centre is registered and approved by the Ministry of Education as an institute of higher learning.   By providing top class facilities, we can ensure you that you will enjoy your stay and fell in love with the PREMIUM Language Centre.

By time, we will continuously provide better solutions and facilities for our beloved students, in order to ensure you stay happy, and always in good conditions.

Again, we would like to thank you for coming, and hopefully that you will succeed in your studies and future undertaking.



All students will be briefed on the first day of orientation session at PREMIUM Language Centre rules and regulations and the code of conduct to adhere to while studying in the PREMIUM Language Centre.

At the beginning of every session, the first hour will be used for administrative purposes such as briefing for registration, orientation and collection of books and distribution of the session timetable. As such, classes will only begin at 9:00am on the first day of every new session.

Rules and regulations on Malaysian Laws, will also be brief so that all the students will understand the do’s and don’t’s throughout their stay in Malaysia.


Every student will be given a schedule base on their intake. Every class will have 4 sessions every week. Total sessions for each programme will be 32, which accumulate at least 128 hours of learning.  There will be an exam week, and during the exam week, students will only need to come 1 day for that particular week to sit for the exam.


In the event that there is more than one day of public holiday within a 32-day English as second Language Programme (ESL) session, replacement classes will be arranged and these replacement classes are usually held on within the exam week.


A student‐centered approach to learning a language requires full participation of at least 80% from students and this makes attendance in classes important. As stated by Malaysian Immigration Laws   , it is a must for the student to complete 128 hours of class attendance within 2 months of every term. For every absent, it will be recorded and a warning letter will be produced base on the following:

First Warning Letter Miss 3 classes
Second Warning Letter Miss 5 classes
Third and Last Warning Letter Miss 7 classes
Termination of Student Visa Miss 8 classes


Students are expected to be punctual for class.  Late ‐coming shows an indifferent approach to your studies and is also disruptive. Frequent late‐comings will be considered absenteeism and this may affect your results.


Every registered student will have their own Student Dossier. The Student Dossier is a record that contains all information about the student, the attendance records, and records on how your participation in class, academic records which includes your quizzes, tests, assignments and examinations. The Student Dossier will also include your disciplinary reports; any misconduct will be recorded within the dossier. This dossier is a requirement for student report set by the Ministry of Education and need to be submitted when the student applies for visa extension, and the report will be based on student performance/attendance.


ESL classes require many types of tasks and projects, all the requirements will be brief by the teachers and schedules for submission will be given as well. Final examination schedule for all levels will be posted on the notice boards in advance. Continuous assessments and progress checks are conducted throughout the course for all components.


Each level of the ESL runs on a 8 week session, which minimum 16 hours per week is required. Throughout the courses/programmes, students will be accessed by many means, such as quizzes, practical and exams. The whole system is divided into 3 sections which are 80 hours of theory (in class or outdoors), 30 hours practical and 10 hours Examinations & Quizzes.


Marks are awarded on a percentage basis as follows:‐

Grade Percentage Grade points/credit Rating
A+ 90% and above 4.00 Excellent
A 80% – 89% 4.00 Excellent
A- 75% – 79% 3.67 Very Good
B+ 70% – 74% 3.33 Good
B 65% – 69% 3.00 Good
B- 60% – 64% 2.67 Above Average
C+ 55% – 59% 2.33 Average
C 50% – 54% 2.00 Average
C- 47% – 49% 1.67 Below Average
D+ 44% – 46% 1.33 Inferior
D 40% – 43% 1.00 Inferior
F 39% – 0% 0.00 Failure
I “INCOMPLETE” given only when student is unable to complete a segment of the course because of circumstances beyond the student’s control. A grade of incomplete may be given only when approved in writing by the department chair or school dean.
X “CONDITIONAL”, with no grade point per credit; given only when the student is at fault in failing to complete a minor segment of a course, but in he judgment of the instructor does not need to repeat the course. It must be made up within the next semester in residence or the grade becomes a failure (F). A (X) grade is computed into the grade point average as a (F) grade.

The following grading criteria will contribute towards your final result:

Items Percentage
Class Attendance 10 %
In Class Participation 10 %
Quizzes/Short Tests 15 %
Final Examination

( 2 papers x 25% per paper )

50 %
Assignment 15 %
TOTAL 100 %


The pass score for every level is 70%, covering all components (Vocabulary, Grammar and Interaction) and student will be upgraded to the next level of study to continue their course program. If student has recorded a fail mark component, this would mean that the student has to repeat the same level.


A progress report is given to every student on the last day of the session. It reports the student’s proficiency level of Vocabulary, Grammar and Interaction. A complete academic report, together with the attendance record and Release Letter, is available when a student has completed his/her course with the attendance record and Release Letter, is available when a student has completed his/her course of study at the PREMIUM Language Centre and wishes to transfer to a course of study at another College/University to further their academic studies and provides couselling for students on their academic pathway.


Certificates are awarded to students who have completed exit levels i.e. Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced.

  1. Certificate of Achievement  

This is awarded to students who have successfully completed their respective course.

  1. Certificate of Proficiency 

This is awarded to students who have successfully completed one (1) year Language program, and they demonstrate superior academic performance and obtain 93% or more marks in all the components.

  1. Certificate of Attendance  

Students who have attended 80% of their classes but have failed to achieve proficiency at all levels are awarded the Attendance Certificate. 


Consultation hours with full‐time instructors can be from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm daily depending on the Instructors’ availability. Please make an appointment should you wish to consult your instructor.


  1. Student Registration and Processing Fee: The Registration and Visa Processing Fee is non ‐refundable.
  2. Tuition Fee: Please refer to the FEE REFUND POLICY attached together with this handbook.


A  Course  Counselor is  available to  assist students  to  settle in  and  to  advise and  guide students on academic and cross‐cultural issues.The Course Counselor, with the help of instructors and support staff, will also organize recreational activities, trips to local places of interest and campus and local college and university tours from time to time.


Teachers and Course Counselors at PREMIUM Language Centre will organize activities for students every week. These include movies, sports, games, cultural events and/or visits to local institutions of higher learning.


For the time being, we are not offering our own accommodation,if you need assistance in finding an accommodation; we can give list of accommodation around and near to our PREMIUM Language Centre.


If you have concerns on academic matters or need general assistance, please consult your class teacher or your Academic Director.


It is important that you inform your Course Counselor/Administrative Staff immediately of any change in your address or telephone number.



We provide a very nice Computer Lab than can accommodate up to 15 students at a time. The usage of this lab is FREE but the student is required to follow some simple RULES. The rules and regulations set by the Computer Lab Administrator which may vary from time ‐to ‐time. Generally, the rules are as follows:

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the lab.
  • All materials should be returned after use.
  • No programs/software should be deleted from or added to the computers in the PLC Computer Lab.
  • Students are prohibited from entering indecent web sites.If students are caught, they could be expelled.
  • Students are obliged to conform to all provisions of the law especially in relation to copyright and intellectual property.
  • Inter ‐relay chat services are not allowed in the PLC Computer Lab, such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, but social media are allowed with limited usage.
  • To be fair to all students, every user can only use the PC for maximum 1 hour.


We provide free WIFI High Speed Internet Connection. For those who wish to log in and use these facilities, need to register their gadgets (such as laptops, Smartphones, tablets, netbooks and PDAs) to the administration office. The office will guide you to set up the connections.


We currently have a Library Corner, which provide few books that can be used to improve your language ability. Simple story books, short novels, comics are provided in order for you to assist in learning your new language. Simple rules, all books are to be shared with others, please return it back once you finish reading. All books are only meant to be read within the premise of the PREMIUM Language Centre only.


There is a corner within the premise facilities for students to sit down while waiting for their classes. The facilities are there to be used properly and wisely. Not to be used as a place for you to have your lunch or tea break. No food and drinks are allowed within the classroom area. And please keep your tone low while waiting for classes as people in the other class is trying to learn.


For Muslim students, we have quite space prayer’s room next to the rest room. You can take your wudu’ at the restroom and perform your prayer here.


If you encounter any problems outside PREMIUM Language Centre and need help, please contact your respective centers. The help line number can be obtained from any Administrative Staff.



All international students need to undergo a health check in their country of origin.   This is to ensure that they are in good health to pursue their studies in Malaysia.


Medical insurance for all international students is strongly encouraged if they do not already have an insurance coverage.  If a student has an insurance coverage from his/her government or a private company, PREMIUM Language Centre requires the student concerned to sign a ‘Disclaimer Form’. Students who eligible to apply for the PREMIUM Language Centre Insurance Policy coverage are as follows:

  1. a)  Those aged between 18 to 35 years old
  2. b)  Full‐time students only


Health plays a very important part in a student’s performance.  However, if you do fall ill or have a medical problem and need to visit a doctor, the Course Counselor is always available to assist you to seek an appointment with a medical doctor.   You can also obtain, from the Course Counselor, a list of hospitals and clinics in case there is an emergency and you need to visit the doctor at night or over the weekend.  Students suffering from any infectious diseases should remain at home until they are completely recovered.  Please contact your Course Counselor at the center immediately if you cannot attend classes. A medical certificate must be tendered to support any absence due to sickness/ill‐health.



All government departments including postal services are open from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm, Mondays to Fridays. Bank transactions can be conducted between 9.45 am and 4.00 pm, Mondays to Fridays.


The currency in Malaysia is the Ringgit and Sen.  The Ringgit is the only legal tender in the country. Credit cards are widely accepted in Malaysia and can be used in most restaurants, supermarkets, department stores etc. usually for purchases above RM50.


Public transportation is widely available.

Light Rail Transit (LRT) 

The city of KL and its immediate suburbs are accessible by LRT.  Two (2) main lines service the city and its immediate suburbs. They are the STAR and PUTRA lines. There are feeder buses to and from the LRT stations.


A monorail runs through the city connecting KL Sentral to Titiwangsa and passing through the main shopping centers of Imbi and Bukit Bintang.

KTM Commuter 

The commuter train ‐network covers 40 stations. The KTM Commuter is a very popular choice among the public to commute to and from work. It is fast, efficient and frequent ‐ the perfect way for suburban travel without having to battle with the city’s notorious traffic jams. In addition, business centers and shopping complexes are also located within the vicinity of the major stations.

Express Rail Line (ERL) 

It runs from the KL Sentral Station in Kuala Lumpur to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The fare is RM35 for a one way ride.


Taxi stands   are often found beside bus stops.   The fare flags off at RM3 on board.  It is easy to get a taxi in the city.  Most  of  the  city  public taxis  are red  and  white, yellow  or  green in  color.  If you take a taxi between midnight and 6 am, there is a 50% surcharge on the fare. There is a special limousine service to and from KLIA that has a definite fare structure depending on your destination. The charges are double after midnight.

Public Buses 

The main bus service companies in the city are Intrakota, Rapid KL and Cityliner. Most of the buses are air‐conditioned. Their routes cover the Klang Valley, encompassing the city center and its surrounding areas. It is easy to get buses in the city as they stop at all bus stops along their routes.


Celcom, Digi and Maxis offer cellular telephone service both on pre‐paid and post-paid basis. Rates are competitive, so shop around to see who offers the best rates for the kind of service you need.


 The cost for doing laundry is RM5 for up to 2.5kg. If you want clothes cleaned and pressed, it may cost up to RM1 per item. Dry cleaning costs vary between RM5 and RM15 per item depending on the type of garment.


Generally, all major stores open from 10am to 10pm. There are many malls and stores located in Kuala Lumpur. Some of the more popular ones include Lot 10, KL Plaza, Bukit Bintang Plaza, Sungai Wang Plaza, Starhill Centre, KLCC, Subang Parade and the Mid Valley Megamall.

Most items available in the big stores are also available at the night markets where prices are negotiable.

For daily shopping needs, hypermarkets like Carefour, TESCO and Giant are ideal. If   you do not live near these places, all residential areas have neighborhood stores which stock daily essential items.

The night market, which operates in major residential areas, is the best place to buy fruits and vegetables. Items  like  clothes, plants,  meat and  fish and  cooked local  food  to  eat on the  spot  are also available.





It is of vital importance that International Students read and understand the following terms and conditions. We recommend that you keep this information safe for future reference.

We strongly advise students to refer to the Student Admission Department of Premium Language Centre regarding their visas, passports as well as any other matter concerning their stay in Malaysia.


  • Malaysian Immigration rules and regulations state that international students are not allowed to use a social or tourist visa to study in Malaysia. Prospective students must apply for a student visa at Premium Language Centre, who will then submit the student’s passport to the Malaysian authorities for formal approval.
  • Individuals entering Malaysia with a student visa are strictly forbidden from working under any circumstances (whether part-time or full-time). Any student found to be in employment by the Malaysian authorities will be deported.
  • It is a condition of the student visa that any student who becomes pregnant will have their visa revoked.
  • Any student suspected of being involved in illegal activities will be reported to the Malaysian authorities by the Centre. If they are found to be guilty under Malaysian law, they will be expelled from the school and immediately deported. It is worth noting that any person found guilty of using or holding illegal drugs in Malaysia may be subject to the death penalty.
  • The Premium Language Centre reserves the right to announce the name of expelled and deported students on the notice board in the language center.
  • The Premium Language Centre reserves the right to terminate a student’s visa and declare forfeit the fees paid in the following cases:
    • The student does not attend class regularly
    • The student violates the Centre’s rules and regulations
    • The student violates Malaysian laws
    • The student does not enroll in the next level


  • Any student wishing to study at Premium Language Centre must obtain a valid student visa from the Malaysian Immigration Department, and their passport must be valid for at least one year from the date of application.
  • Any student studying without a student visa for an extended period of time will be considered an illegal immigrant by the government of Malaysia.
  • All students must report to Premium Language Centre’s Student Admission Department within three days of their arrival in Malaysia. They must then sign an agreement and submit their passport to the Student Admission Department in order to have their student visa processed.
  • It is of utmost importance that students should not let their visas expire. Offenders face a minimum fine of RM 10,000 and / or five years in jail.
  • If students wish to extend their visas, they must inform Premium Language Centre at least two months prior to the expiry of their current visa. Visa charges vary according to the student’s country of origin. For more information and current rates, please contact the Student Admission Department.
  • The Premium Language Centre cannot guarantee that the extension application will be successful, and cannot be held liable in the event of the following:
  • The student receives a ‘Warning’ or ‘Last Warning’ letter due to poor /insufficient attendance
  • Immigration approves the student visa for less than six months
  • Immigration does not approve the extension of the student visa
  • Upon course completion of Premium Language Centre, students must submit their passports to the Student Admission Department in order for their visa to be terminated.
  • The Premium Language Centre will send confirmation of the visa termination to the last postal address provided by the student. Students may register an appeal to the Student Admission Department within fourteen days of having received this notification. Otherwise the student visa will automatically be void.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they provide the Student Admission Department with accurate contact details (residential address, mobile and home telephone numbers) and that they keep the centre up to date with any changes. Premium Language Centre accepts no responsibility in the event a student visa is terminated due to insufficient or inaccurate contact details.
  • Once a course start date has been agreed by the student and the centre, this date cannot be deferred.
  • Students wishing to return to their home country for a holiday after six months of study must inform the Student Admission Department of their travel dates and provide a copy of their ticket in order to ensure that their journey does not contravene Malaysian visa regulations. Please take note that students will not be allowed back into Malaysia if their visa has expired.
  • Students unable to come to class need to apply for leave from the Student Admission Department. Any student absent for three days without official approval from Premium Language Centre will be reported to the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  • In the case of an emergency requiring the student to leave the country, it is vital that they inform the Student Admission Department personally as soon as possible.
  • Emergency leave is subject to approval from the Management and if granted, will be for a maximum of one week.


The Premium Language Centre is not to be held liable in any of the following eventualities:

  • Additional fees requested by Immigration authorities. These are under the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Government, and the Student Admission Department cannot amend these charges or provide financial support with payment.
  • The student visa has been rejected by the Malaysian Immigration authorities. In all cases we will respect the decision made by the authorities as final and unalterable.
  • Processing delays in obtaining the student visa. Certain passports require longer processing time than others. It is the student’s responsibility to allow adequate time for processing before the course start date.
  SCHOOL POLICY | Student Attendance

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


Students must attend all learning and teaching sessions associated with the programme on which they are enrolled. The Student Attendance Policy has been developed as part of the School’s commitment to providing a supportive learning environment which enables all students who have chosen to study with Premium Language Centre to achieve their full potential.


As stated by Malaysian Immigration Laws, it is a must for the student to complete 128 hours of class attendance within 2 months of every term. For every absent, it will be recorded and a warning letter will be issued based on the following :

First Warning Letter Miss 3 classes
Second Warning Letter Miss 5 classes
Third and Last Warning Letter Miss 7 classes
Termination of Student Visa Miss 8 classes

Students are expected to be punctual in every class. 3 times late -comers will be considered absenteeism and this may affect to the result. Each student must obtain at least 80% of the attendance to allow the student to apply the second sticker.


  1. After the third and the last warning, the school will lodge a police report at the police station as a record to be submitted to the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  2. The student visa will be cancelled at the Malaysian Immigration Department if the student fails to attend class regularly.
  3. No extension for second sticker will be given because the Malaysian Immigration Department requires attendance records as part of the compulsory document.
  SCHOOL POLICY | Student Appearance & Dress Code

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


Students are required to wear appropriate clothing to attend classes. School administrators have final authority to decide if clothing complies with District rules. When it is determined that a student’s clothing does not comply with the dress code, the student may receive a disciplinary consequence for violating the school’s dress code policy.


 Students should wear garments, shoes, jewelry, accessories and hairstyles that

  • are appropriate and modest in length and coverage
  • reflect a positive image of the school and contribute to a distraction-free learning environment and
  • lead teachers and/or staff to reasonably believe that the issue does not interfere with, disturb, or distract from the classroom and/or learning environment.

Students are not to wear clothing that is tight, loose, sagging, baggy, revealing, spaghetti-strap, backless, low cut or short.

Pants – must be worn at the waist or upper hip and must not reveal underclothing

Shorts and Skirts – must be fitted at the waist or upper hip, must not reveal underclothing, and must be mid-knee in length or longer

Tops, Shirts and Blouses – must not reveal underclothing, midsection, torso, back, chest, breasts or cleavage

Dresses – must not reveal underclothing, midsection, torso, back, chest, breasts, or cleavage and must be mid-thigh in length or longer

Shoes – must not detract from or interfere with the learning environment or present a safety or health hazard   Tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes are preferred.  House shoes/house slippers of any kind are not allowed.

Pajamas/loungewear – any and all pajamas/loungewear are prohibited

Jewelry/Piercings – Noisy, distracting and excessive jewelry or accessories are prohibited (including wallet chains).  Jewelry/Piercings must not detract from or interfere with the learning environment or present a safety or health hazard.

Tattoos – permanent or temporary, must be covered at all times.

Hair/Make-up – Hair must be well groomed, neat and clean at all times; hair style/color and makeup must not detract from or interfere with the learning and the school environment.

Backpacks – must not detract from or interfere with the learning environment or present a safety or health hazard

Hygiene – Maintain personal cleanliness by bathing daily, oral hygiene (brushing of the teeth) required, use deodorant / anti-perspirant to minimize body odors, clean and trimmed fingernails (¼ inch long or less).

Appropriate student dress and grooming are important factors in the safe and orderly operation of the schools.  Each student’s appearance should reflect a positive image of the school and contribute to a distraction-free learning environment.


  1. The student will be asked to leave the class immediately and the attendance will be recorded as absent.
  2. All offense in this matter will be recorded on the student’s record.
  SCHOOL POLICY | Mobile Phone Policy in Classroom

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


When the mobile phone ring and students respond in class or leave class to respond, it disrupts the class. Therefore, the school management prohibits the use by students of mobile phones or similar communication devices during scheduled classes.


To keep disturbing effects to a bare minimum, students should :

  • All such devices must be turned off or put in a silent (vibrate) mode and ordinarily should not be taken out during class.
  • If making or answering a call is necessary, it should be done in a private area
  • If it is necessary to speak on the phone in the presence of others then do so in low tones
  • Let your mobile phone calls go to voice mail
  • Use your cell phone only for important calls
  • Don’t interrupt colleagues by answering a mobile phone


The student will be asked to leave the class immediately if the student need to answer phone calls and not allowed to enter the classroom.

  1. All offense in this matter will be recorded on the student’s record.
  SCHOOL POLICY | Letter Request

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


There are few types  of letter that can requested by the student from school. Students need to fill  in the Letter Request Form. The form can be obtained from the lecturer. The lecturer will guide the student on how to fill in the form.


When student fill in the Letter Request Form, they need to provide the bank full address. The student must verify with the bank whether they can allow the student  to open the account or not. Please be informed that, it is not the responsibility of the school if the bank rejected the letter provided by the school. If the student wants to request the same letter but with different addresses, the student must pay RM50.00/letter.

  1. MSL (International Student Card Letter)

Only students that registered under Premium Language Centre can request for this letter. If a student request for second letter and above will cost RM50.00/letter.


The student needs to state why they request for this letter in Letter Request Form. The letter will be issued based on the request. If a student request for second letter and above it will cost RM50.00/letter.


As a confirmation letter that the student’s passport is being processed at the immigration. The letter will be issued upon request for student with a condition, his/her passport kept by the school for processing.


Student need to inform the date that student wish to travel and the date to return to Malaysia. If the lecturer already gave the letter to the student, and the student wants to change the date, student need to request the second letter and this will cost RM50.00/letter. Long travels only allowed before and after the class period. During the class period, student can only go out for a leave between classes but with conditions.

  SCHOOL POLICY | Food and Drink

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


To ensure that a positive, comfortable learning environment is present, food and drink are prohibited in the classrooms.


Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All types of food and drink are prohibited in school areas.
  • Drink in the classroom is allowed only for plain drinking/mineral water.
  • No soda or carbonated drink is allowed.
  • Foods strictly prohibited except for sweets
  • Please dispose of trash properly.

Please report spills and/or waste issues to staff. Anyone who does not respect this policy will be asked to dispose of the non-allowable food or beverages or to leave the building.


  1. The student will be asked to dispose the food and drink  immediately.
  2. Student are liable to pay for repair or replacement of damaged School materials or property.
  3. All offense in this matter will be recorded on the student’s record.

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


The Premium Language Centre has a vital interest in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for its students, staffs and visitors while respecting individual choice.


This policy aims to:

  • provide an environment where good health is promoted for all
  • raise awareness of the dangers associated with exposure to tobacco smoke
  • enable the school to tackle smoking-related issues
  • take account of the needs of those who are addicted to smoking and to offer an avenue of support for those who wish to stop

Each student needs to be aware that :

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the school grounds or buildings at any time.

Cooperation and consideration between smokers and nonsmokers are necessary to assure the successful implementation of this policy.


  1. The student will be asked to dispose the cigarette or to leave the building immediately.
  2. All offense in this matter will be recorded on the student’s record.
  SCHOOL POLICY | Firearms and Weapons

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


No firearms, ammunition, or dangerous weapons are allowed in the building of the school of the Premium Language Centre at any time. A gun permit does not authorize a staff member, student, or visitor to bring firearms into Premium Language Centre building under any circumstances.


  • Persons who enter Premium Language Centre in possession of firearms, ammunition, or dangerous weapons should be made aware of this policy and must leave the premises immediately. They may return without the firearm, ammunition, or a weapon.
  • Visitors to the campus who violate this policy and who refuse to leave the premises with their firearms, ammunition, or weapons are to be escorted from the premises by the Police. Staff members or students who violate this policy are to be disciplined and are required to turn over the firearms, ammunition, or weapons to the Police Department. If they refuse to do so, they are to be escorted from the premises by the Police.


  1. A violation of this policy by students will result in corrective action up to and including termination from the school.
  SCHOOL POLICY | Alcohol & Other Drug

EFFECTIVE DATE : 1 January 2014


The Premium Language Centre is committed to fostering an environment that promotes the acquisition of knowledge and nurtures the growth of the individual; encourages and sustains an academic environment that respects individual freedom; and promotes the health, safety, and welfare of all members of its community.  Each member of our intellectual community is responsible for his or her own actions and is expected to contribute to the school community and to respect the rights of others.


  1. Other Drugs:  Includes all illegal drugs as well as the misuse of legal drugs, such as prescription medications.
  2. Illicit Drug Activity:  For the purpose of this policy, illicit drug activity shall be defined as the use, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sale or possession of illegal drugs or the illicit use, manufacture, distribution, dispensation or sale of legal drugs.
  3. Paraphernalia:  Includes, but is not limited to, all items used for the purpose of preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling or otherwise using other drugs.  As the term relates to alcohol, only paraphernalia that facilitate the rapid consumption of alcohol is prohibited.



The goals of Premium Language Centre policies regarding alcohol use are to prevent underage drinking and to promote individual accountability, moderation, and safety for those of legal age who choose to drink. Additionally, the school needs to provide a college atmosphere free of coercion for those who choose not to drink and to maintain an environment that minimizes the effects of alcohol abuse and associated problem behaviors.


  • Persons who provide alcohol bear a responsibility to see that no one is coerced, however subtly, to drink or to drink excessively.
  • Kegs and large-scale containers and individually-sized bottles of alcoholic beverages are not permitted at school.
  • Activities that support, promote, or construe endorsement of businesses that sell alcohol or encourage the sale or consumption of alcohol are expressly prohibited at school.

Premium Language Centre prohibits illicit drug activity and/or paraphernalia used in illicit drug activity by any of its students, on its premises, or as part of any of its activities.

Students who are dealers and/or providers of other drugs are subject to an immediate separation from the School.


  1. A violation of this policy by students will result in corrective action up to and including termination from the school.
  2. All offense in this matter will be recorded on the student’s record.



To provide the International Students with the framework for assessing applications for fees refund.


This is a PREMIUM LANGUAGE CENTRE (PLC) Student Fee Refund policy.


  1. Policy Statement
  • PLC must receive full payment of the tuition fees from the International Student once the calling visa approval is approved by the Malaysian Immigration Departments, and not later than the first date teaching starts for the programme of study the International Student is enrolled in. If an International Student is permitted by PLC to commence study after the first date teaching starts, full payment of the tuition fees must be received by PLC no later than the date of class commencement.
  • No refund from the tuition fee will be paid to International Students, except as provided in Schedule A.
  1. Withdrawal
  • The International Student can only drop from a course(s)/qualification at PLC by completing and returning the Fee Refund Form to the Student Affairs Department.
  1. Refunds As A Result Of Withdrawal from a Course/Qualification
  • The amount of a refund (if any) will depend on the Date of Withdrawal and/or the reason(s) for withdrawal. Please refer to the table in Schedule A of this policy for the relevant Dates of Withdrawal and Partial Refunds that will be granted.
  • The Date of Withdrawal is the date that PLC received the Fee Refund Form completed and returned to the Student Affairs Department by the student. 
  1. Mode of Payment for Fee Refund
  • Refund will be paid in Malaysian Ringgit by cash or cheque upon received the completed Fee Refund Form.


Any reason of withdrawal           Upon registration No refund Registration fee 
Any reason of withdrawal         Upon Visa obtained from Immigration No refund Registration fee and

Visa Processing fee

Student has decided to study at another Education Provider/ leave country 7 days upon commencement of class with / without full payment 60% of the tuition fee will be paid with full payment received


10% of the tuition fee will be paid without fully payment received

Initial fee with / without full payment of tuition fee
Any reason of withdrawal        14 days upon commencement of course with / without full payment No refund Initial fee with / without full payment of tuition fee

** If calling visa has expired and the student intended to continue study with PLC, only visa

     processing will be charged.

** RM500.00 is charged for issuing release letter based on withdrawal or any circumstances.

** INITIAL FEE inclusive of:

  • Registration fee
  • Visa processing fee
  • Material fee
  • Medical


International Student                        An International Student is:-

  • A foreigner who is studying in Malaysia on a student permit under the Immigration Act 1987; and
  • Who has entered into an enrolment agreement with PLC for the period of one academic year (or the length of the course if it is less than one year).

Course Commencement Date   

This is the first day on which teaching starts on the programme/course of study that the International Student is enrolled in.

Partial Refund   

A partial refund is the payment of a certain percentage of the tuition fee received by PLC from the International Student in accordance with this Policy.


A withdrawal is whereby International Student Affairs Department received the completed fee refund form in accordance with Clause 2.1 of this Policy.