Preparation and Practice

IELTS Preparation

Duration: 1 month

Target: Band 4 – 6.5

Level Requirement: 8 or higher / CEFR B2 or higher

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most widely accepted English language test for study, work, and immigration. 

An IELTS result is a requirement for many international students who wish to attend university in Malaysia, or any of the over 3,000 academic institutions worldwide.

This course is intended for students who have the language skills necessary, but need techniques and strategies to sit for IELTS with confidence. It will ensure test taker understand the format of the exam and how to approach tasks. Students do complete mock exams weekly, which ensures they are comfortable in the exam setting and instructors give feedback on weaknesses, and how to overcome them.


Learn to:

  • Predict topics and phrases you will hear
  • Identify key words in the questions
  • Predict and identify paraphrasing

Learn to:

  • Skim texts quickly for the main idea
  • Guess meaning from context
  • Manage timing to complete all 3 texts

Learn to: 

  • Understand the prompts
  • Create and support ideas
  • Follow standard writing formats

Learn to:

  • Use key phrases
  • Expand on ideas
  • Organize thoughts on a topic
RM 500.00
Student Visa Processing Fee (for 6 Months)
RM 1,500.00
Tuition Fee (per Month)
RM 2,600.00
Resource Fee (6 Months)
RM 500.00
Placement Test*
RM 150.00
IELTS Exam Fee (optional)
RM 795.00
Student Activity Fee
To Be Advised*
Initial Payment of

RM 4,600

is to be paid during registration.
  • Registration & Student Visa Processing Fee (for 6 Months) (RM 2,000)
  • Advanced Tuition Fee (1 Month) (RM 2,600)


  • Initial payment is not refundable.
  • Resource Fee is inclusive of resources and facilities provided by PLC. 
  • Placement Test (first session only) will be waived for confirmed registration upon initial payment made. Subsequent test sessions will be charged RM150 per test session.
  • Student Activity Fee will be charged according to type of activity  
  • Fees may change without prior notice at the discretion of PLC.