Ahmed Alabead

The main reason that makes me like premium language centre is easy for international students to get Visa. Learners don’t have to wait so long to get their Visa and this makes them fast in their study.

PLC offers quality English lessons including,reading,speaking,writing and listening.
Also there are some online exercises.
Overall atmosphere while studying at Premium Language Centre is comfortable and interesting.
I like her [my teacher’s) discipline and the way of teaching and explaining well.She motivates and encourages  us. She is friendly teacher.
The most exciting lesson I have had is how to expression of tenses, because she explained them in an easy and simple way that all students in  the class understand.
All my classmates are from China. They are smart and hard- working. We enjoy doing our homework together and sometimes we go to restaurants to have different types of delicious food.
I think PLC is the best place for learning English language because of many reasons. First reason is  the location where the place is located in centre of city so, students have many ways of transportation such as buses, trains, and taxis. Second reason is the  building which is equipped with the most modern facilities.The third reason are our teachers who are from different nationalities.