Yao JunKang (Jerry)

I like the language center where I study because there are friendly teachers and easygoing students. During class teacher and us always have some interactions, this makes us feel happy and interested also it’s easily to receive knowledge. So everytime I learned English with teacher I don’t feel stressed but full with joy.
Not just me, my friends and my classmates, we all have a good relationship with our teachers and each other. At break time I often sit in library and have a chat with my friends or I can read books and discuss my problems with my classmates, they are helpful in my study.
When I first came to school my classmate made friend with me actively because teacher and they were happy to see a new student join them. Although I was far from my relatives, the teachers and students are caring, they make me feel like I’m in a warm home.
So I adore this language center and I recommend other students can join us become a member of our big family.