Norhawaty Mansor


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Premium Language Centre (PLC) which is a qualified English language centre fully staffed with professional teachers and equipped with framework and IT infrastructure.
Our programs are structured and delivered to students within a conducive learning environment where they can excel in their objective and gain the knowledge needed for effective English language communication.
At PLC, we recognize the importance of language and communication skills in everyday life, education and professional working environments. Our core competence focuses on the driving factor that effective communication is essential to boost the effective progress and development in every individual’s life.Thank you for your ongoing interest in Premium Language Centre and for your support.


Hosiny Saad Mohamed


We live in a fast-changing, interconnected world. Learning another language has never been more important. Technology can translate words from one language to another. However, sharing ideas in a common language is the best way for people to build common understanding and work together for a better future. Learning a language at PLC (Premium Language Centre) can be an exciting, life-changing experience. You will meet people from many countries and experience new ideas and customs. You will also learn about yourself and gain confidence in working as part of a multicultural community. At the same time, PLC teachers and staff will work hard to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Our commitment to you is to provide the best educational program and social support possible. We want to create a learning community where each student can achieve their best. I look forward to welcoming you to the PLC family and helping you on this important step towards your future and your future role in shaping a better world. I am confident that the skills, friendships and experiences you have at PLC will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Thank you for your ongoing interest in Premium Language Centre and for your support.